The 4 Components of AgriBOOST

To achieve a food secure Butuan City, AgriBOOST is divided into four major components

AgriBloom is all about ENHANCING PRODUCTION CAPACITY and SECURING the SUPPLY SIDE. It is bolstering farmer production capacities through resource and technical support, and capability building.

At the core of AgriBloom are organized farmer communities who are committed to the vision and values of the AGRIBOOST Innovation and are empowered with tools and resources for data-based planning and decision-making and enhanced production.

The farmer communities are supported by the Office of the City Agriculture with its expanded Tech Advisory Services, Extension Services, Technology Demonstration Farm Schools, Organic Farming Technologies, Production Support Facilities like greenhouse technology and resource input augmentation from the Department of Agriculture like seeds, fertilizers and farm machineries.

AgriBloom App, a specially developed mobile app,  facilitates the forging of a supply agreement with the AgriHub. Under this arrangement, the AgriHub will forge a supply contract with the farmers at a pre-determined farm gate price per commodity, thereby reducing price risks that hound the farmers.

AgriBloom is bolstering the farmers’ productivity, securing the value of their products, and enabling them to easily navigate the whole planning and production process.

AgriHub is a structural mechanism that catalyzes market forces and enables value chain partners to plan and make decisions effectively using data and technology.

As a catalytic mechanism:

1. It orchestrates supply and market partners by forging supply agreements with the farmers and marketing contracts with traders;

2. It stabilizes fluctuating commodity prices by applying a predictive pricing model that reduces price risks especially for farmers;

3. As a hub, it functions as a “buying and processing station” that pays fair and competitive farm gate price to farmers and sells to market channels with a “social enterprise” profit margins, thus effectively passing on vegetables at much lower prices to channels and eventually consumers; and

4. It also functions as databank and analytics (demand forecaster), quality control manager,  grievance resolution mechanism for value chain partners, and product traceability manager.

The AgriHub is managed by a social enterprise group as a social service joint venture with the LGU. The LGU provides infrastructure, equipment, and technology support while the AgriHub operator provides operations and management expertise.

The AgriHub is supported by a web-based enterprise resource planner (ERP) that provides data analytics, supply and demand planning and forecasting, predictive pricing, and price risk mitigation measures.

AgriMart is all about revitalizing trade partners and improving consumer touchpoints for easier and improved consumer experience. AgriMart empowers trade partners by providing planning tools, stimulus packages, marketing and promotion support, and modernized approach to quality handling and packaging.

AgriMart has a customized mobile app,  AgriMart App, that links the traders and institutional buyers with AgriHub. The mobile app facilitates the ordering process that culminates in a marketing contract that seals orders at an agreed price, quality and quantity.

Through a stimulus package, AgriMart engages the market vendors with access to low cost working capital, tools in financial planning, as well as enablers for product quality management. 

Agri-Mart also develops new market channels such as modern trades, institutional buyers and external markets, for greater consumer reach. 

AgriBoost Comm covers Community Building and Communication Drives for a more engaging AgriBoost.

AgriBoost Communities refer to communities in action and institutions that support the revitalization of the agri-ecosystem in Butuan in various ways. Among these are neighborhood communities that manage communal gardens, public and private primary and secondary schools that promote greater appreciation for vegetable consumption among young children; social media communities of various sectors that feature and promote value chain partner activities; hotel and restaurant associations that develop and promote distinctive culinary applications of locally produced vegetables. Institutions like Regional Line Agencies, local academic institutions, professional organizations, chambers of commerce, corporate foundations , youth organizations, church and religious sectors and socio- civic organizations form part of these support communities.

AgriBoost Communication  includes communication platforms for education and promotions targeted at the value chain partners. Among these are the School on Air (SOA) of City Agriculture Office, and AgriBoost Comm Teleradyo programs that feature best practices and learnings in farm management and technologies. Through heightened communication campaigns, SRPs of vegetables are published in all partner communication channels leading to a greater awareness.

Download the AgriBOOST app

Apply as a farmer-supplier or as a partner trader or institution by downloading the AgriBOOST app.

The AgriBOOST app is free for download and use for Butuan city farmers, traders, and businesses.