Helping Farmers, Traders, and Businesses Achieve More

 Discover how AgriBOOST improves the lives of the primary stakeholders of the Butuan City agri sector

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Helping Farmers, Traders, and Businesses Achieve More

Discover how AgriBOOST improves the lives of the primary stakeholders of the Butuan City agri sector

Initiated by the Butuan City Local Government Unit, AgriBOOST is an agri-ecosystem innovation that boosts farmer capacities and catalyzes market forces for a sustainable, food-secure and vibrant community.

AgriBOOST innovates the vegetable agribusiness model by providing farmers with stable and predictable demand, and business owners with reliable, high-quality, and affordable supply of vegetables.

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Vegetable Farmers

Secure demand for your produce and access growth opportunities through the AgriBOOST app


Access stable supply, affordable, and high quality vegetables straight from our local farmers


Procure high quality and affordable vegetables in advance for your business or organization 

Local Government Units

Adapt the AgriBOOST model in your own locality and help innovate your local agri sector


Buy affordable and nutritious food for your family and support farmers in your community

We’re here to support your growth

AgriBOOST has four components that work together to bolster farmer competitiveness and catalyze market stability stability towards inclusive economic recovery.


Bolsters farmer capacities and competitiveness


Revitalizes trade & market practices


Catalyzes market forces and facilitates data-based planning and decision making

AgriBoost Comms

Engages and Energizes consumers and communities towards building a vibrant and food-sufficient culture

“AgriBoost is recapturing the Butuanon’s food ways and systems. It is the renaissance of Butuan’s culture of food self-sufficiency and communal meal sharing. AgriBoost is the modern-day representation of our iconic Balangay; where every food is a celebration. Every food is precious and revered as our gold.”

Mayor Ronnie Vicente Lagnada

Butuan City

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Apply as a farmer-supplier or as a partner trader or institution by downloading the AgriBOOST app.

The AgriBOOST app is free for download and use for Butuan city farmers, traders, and businesses.